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January 2023 News


Sunday, January 29th, at the Cowichan Fair Grounds, Duncan.

There will be training in the morning, starting at 8:30 am, with the AGM starting at 1:00 pm.

If you are able, please arrive at 8:00 to help with set up or by 8:15 for registration.

We will have a plan for:

Young "green” dogs and puppies

A set-up where people can choose what they would like to do, from singles to a triple and a blind (or two).

A separate Senior blind, for those that want a blind outside and away from the marks.

Lunch, by $10 donation, will be provided to those who let us know they are coming.

Please email Sheila Kenny @ with the following information:

How many dogs?

What levels? (Puppy, Junior, Senior, Master)

How many for lunch?

Payment for memberships for 2023 will be accepted at that time, or any time before that, by Sylvia Lawson or Sheila Kenny (link to membership form)

Upcoming PRHRC 2023 Dates:

February 19th - PRHRC Training Day - Swallowfield

March 19th - PRHRC Training Day - Swallowfield

April 23 - Clean-up Day @ Swallowfield

June 10-11 - CKC Hunt Test - Swallowfield

July 15 - FCRSC WC test with support from PRHRC

September 24 - Clean-up Day - Swallowfield

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